Growpito's Reusable Grow Media has set the standard for Sustainable Agriculture.

Growpito Technologies, No Waste Cultivation (NWC) Technologies provide the cultivator big or small the platform to be better stewards of our environment by protecting our precious lands and waterways and by conserving our natural resources.

Our goal is to get our perpetually sustainable products into the hands of all cultivators. We can drastically reduce your ecological foot print, by reducing your use of water, nutrients, grow medium, and electricity, with less labor and increased yields...without any waste!

Growpito’s soft, virgin mineral wool and bio-foam matrix is a game changer for all cultivators. Growpito’s unique bio-foam matrix cubes provide high humidity areas within the substrate that encourage and house our proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria.

Growpito’s natural bio-carrier soft mineral wool substrates has no heavy metals, binders or chemical additives. The hydrophilic fibers within Growpito’s substrate architecture has 100% capillary action and is designed to retain water and release it back to your plant's roots upon demand.

Combining Growpito’s perpetually reusable substrates with Growpito's Bio-Stimulant package and organic nutrient regimens, cultivators can expect to have a completely organic growing environment, however, all nutrient regimens are appropriate, whether it be synthetic, organic or hybrids

The highlighted benefits of growing in Growpito over soil and other soilless media:

1. Reduce your water uses by up to 75%�
2. Cut your nutrient inputs by up to 75%

3. Grow Organic/Veganic hydroponics with NO chemical fertilizers or nutrients needed

4. Re-use the same media again and again and never purchase another bag of soil or grow media�
If you are interested in being an ambassador of our patent pending grow media please go to or email us at to learn more about our revoltionary products and science.

Made from Mother Earth and Powered by Science

Growpito Technologies LLC, is revolutionizing the way we grow our food and medicine.

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