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How to Talk to your doctor about medical Cannabis 26 Jun

It should be no surprise: “Big Booze” hates cannabis. Cannabis, notably safer than alcohol (by every measure), poses a threat to the alcohol industry’s bottom line.

So it should should come as no surprise that a citing leaks from infamous whistle-blower website &m... Details

$1 Million Worth Of Weed Found Dumped In Colorado On 420 02 May

Really, the real question isn’t where it came from, but why was it dumped?

Although, it is safe to say that it was because the cops might have been on to the operation, since the weed was found while the police were investigating a potential illegal pot operation at a vacation hom... Details

Police Sergeant Who Filmed Himself Taking Pot Is Released 10 Oct

GRANTS, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico police sergeant accused of unwittingly recording himself on a lapel camera taking marijuana from his office and giving it to his girlfriend has been released from jail in Albuquerque reported Saturday that Grants police Sgt. Roshern McKinney is out of j... Details

Marijuana Found Growing Behind Nashville Walmart 08 Oct

There are those industry insiders who believe that it is just a matter of time before the stoner nation is able to purchase cannabis plants from the lawn & garden department down at the local Walmart, but some ambitious entrepreneurs in Tennessee are apparently already working to bring this c... Details